Top Ten Rules for Successful Group Fundraising

By Jim Messina, Ashley Farms
February 2011

Rule #1:     Call on groups that are large enough to cover all your expenses (brochures, cover letter, envelopes, prizes, delivery, etc.) so that you and they can be profitable.

Rule #2:     Steer them into the brochure(s) that are appropriate for you and them.

Rule #3:     Do a kick-off presentation – results will increase by as much as 30%

  • Write it out, edit it, rehearse it.
  • Students will know if you aren’t prepared and they don’t care how long you’ve been in the business.
  • If you have your act together they will respond and deliver.

Rule #4:     Educate the sponsor on how to follow up your kick-off with additional
motivational techniques.

Rule #5:    Sell products that you are proud of and the sponsor will be proud to
deliver to their customers.

Rule #6:     Do everything in your power to control the delivery. Remember: other than you, the driver may be the only other person the sponsor ever meets in person.

Rule #7:    If known ahead of time that there might be an issue, i.e.: shortage,
replacement, late delivery, etc., make the sponsor aware of it as soon as

Rule #8:     Follow up: Contact sponsor after program is done to see if all went well
and the parents are happy.

Rule #9:     If any add-on’s or mistakes need to be taken care of, do it as soon as
possible and whenever possible, do it yourself. The sponsor is always
impressed you are the one handling the situation.

Rule #10:     Plant the seed for your next sale before your competitors get a chance.

Jim Messina is President of Ashley Farms, Inc. and a member of the AFRDS Board of Directors.